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Tools, Tips & Policies

This page is designed for my current students.

Please revisit this session often as new tools and tips can be added or updated. 

Students will be notified in advance of any policy changes.


  • Regular weekly attendance is crucial for progress to be made.

  • Practice regularly, following the specific directions of the instructor.

  • Make sure you are sitting correctly at the piano.

  • Fight bad habits before they form.

  • Structure practice like a workout.

  • Remove distractions such as toys, TV and cellphone while practicing.

  • Sing along as you play.

  • Go to live concerts.



  • Nowadays you can find several ear training and sight reading websites and apps. There are great options out there, and some are free.I really like the Royal Conservatory Monthly Subscription because of the way it is structured.

  • There are several  free downloadable metronomes for smartphones and most of them work great. However, having a metronome connected to your phone can bring too many distractions during your practice time. If you can, have a traditional metronome that is not connected to any of your devices.


DeLuna Music Studio Policies

TUITION:  Tuition is paid in advance for all  DeLuna Music Studio programs. Monthly tuition is calculated on a weekly basis according to how many weeks are in a month. Monthly tuition is due at the beginning of the first lesson of each month.Your tuition reserves a weekly lesson time. The time of your lesson has been reserved and is unavailable to any other student. Tuition is neither reduced nor refunded due to missed lessons by the student. Tuition fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. 


LATE FEES: If tuition payment is not received by the seventh day of the month it is considered late and a $40 fee will be applied. There will be no exceptions. It is the responsibility of the student/parent to ensure tuition is paid in a timely manner. DeLuna Music Studio reserves the right to suspend or discontinue instruction of any student who is delinquent in fulfilling his/her financial obligations at any time.  OTHER FEES: $50 NSF Fee charged on all RETURNED CHECKS.


MATERIALS: Materials include books, CDs, footstools, adjustable benches, sheet music, and other necessary items for your lesson and practice at home. This is determined by the program and your teacher. Your teacher will let you know when additional or new materials are needed throughout the year. Parents are responsible for purchasing all materials as requested by your teacher.


ATTENDANCE: Regular weekly attendance is crucial for progress to be made. 


DISMISSAL: DeLuna Music Studio reserves the right to dismiss any student due to frequent absences, disciplinary problems, overdue tuition payments and/or parental noncompliance with DeLuna Music Studio policies. 


STUDENT ABSENCE AND MAKE-UP LESSONS: DeLuna Music Studio has a NO CANCELATION POLICY. Lessons canceled by the student will not be made up, nor will a refund/credit be given. Exceptions in cases of accidents or emergencies may be considered and a make-up lesson may be arranged at the discretion of the teacher, schedule permitting. In order for any exceptions to be considered the student/parent must call/email Catina DeLuna as soon as possible. If the student/parent does not call/email in advance, no exception will be offered.  Make-up lessons might be scheduled as a 10-15 minute online lesson or an extra 10-15 minutes of instruction before or after the usual student’s time slot on the following week. Make up lessons must be scheduled and completed in 7 days.

RESCHEDULING LESSONS: In some cases, rescheduling online lessons may be considered and arranged if planned in advance, at the discretion of the teacher if schedule permits.


STUDENT ILLNESS: The student and parent should not attend any in person lesson suffering with any infectious or contagious illness or disease and/or having had a fever within 24 hours of attendance. DeLuna Music Studio reserves the right to dismiss a student from a scheduled lesson if the student arrives exhibiting symptoms of illness. In that case, a makeup lesson will not be offered. 


DISCONTINUING LESSONS: There is no long-term contract. To discontinue lessons, please notify us in advance. If notice is not given at least one week prior to the first lesson of the month the student/parent will be responsible for the next month’s tuition.

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