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Piano on Dim Stage


With almost 30 years of experience, Mrs. DeLuna's unique teaching approach reflects the mix of proper classical technique (European style), so frequently overlooked, with lots of encouragement and motivation towards a true creative process that allows her students to achieve incredible results.


Catina DeLuna also adopts the guidelines of The Music Development Program of Royal Conservatory of Music / Carnegie Hall and has successfully prepared several students for the RCM exams.​"The Royal Conservatory Music Development Program provides a recognized national standard of musical success through an effectively sequenced course of study from beginner to advanced levels through two different types of assessment: practical (performance) and theoretical. Both create an opportunity to recognize achievement and receive meaningful feedback."​


Her students are always encouraged to follow the program described above; however, Mrs. DeLuna can also develop a different curriculum based on student needs and goals. Students enrolled in the The Royal Conservatory Music Development Program are required to commit to at least a 45 minute lesson to allow for adequate coverage of the required technique, theory and repertory.Besides teaching in her own studio in Canyon Country, Santa Clarita, CA, Catina DeLuna is part of the selected staff at Silverlake Conservatory of Music in Los Angeles, CA.​



If you love singing, learn the essentials of vocal technique with Catina DeLuna. She is a Grammy Nominee musician and was the founder, arranger and singer of two award winning vocal groups in Brazil. Catina has extensive training with the top vocal instructors in a variety of styles. She can help you to Improve your performance through proper breathing and vocal exercises to develop pitch and tone.  Improve your stage presence and learn tips to keep a healthy vocal instrument.​

For those who intend to pursue singing professionally, learn how to chord and transpose songs into your key and develop sight singing skills.​

Beginner to intermediate levels, all ages.​

If you are seeking to expand your knowledge of Brazilian Music and repertoire, Catina can make available all her years of expertise in this field.

grayscale photography of piano_edited_edited.jpg

Lessons are offered in 30-minute, 45-minute, 60-minute, depending on the level and goals of each student.

We Also Offer

  • Theory, Harmony, Ear Training

  • Sight Singing training

  • Classical, Jazz and Brazilian Styles

  • Royal Conservatory of Music - Exams Preparation


"Catina DeLuna has been teaching piano and voice to my daughters Ani and Patil for the past several years. Catina is a very dedicated music instructor. She is professional as well as friendly. She is punctual, energetic, and enthusiastic and at the same time very patient and understanding. Mrs. Alencar takes her lessons very seriously and gives it her 100%. I highly recommend her."

The Avanessian Family



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